Oil and Gas Technology


  • Successfully completed two hard rock drilling tests to 5,500'rmotc
  • Tested with viscous drilling mud
  • Showed significant improvements in R.O.P (> 100%)
  • Subsequent inspections showed all components to be in good condition. 
  • We have just shipped two additional Hammers to the USA for further testing. 

Coil Tube tools

  • Successfully completed four extended reach tests to > 15,000 '
  • Added significant extra "reach" to operations
  • Successfully completed first commercial project in Saudi.

High Frequency micro hammer (MagBIT)

  • Designed and surface tested a micro hammer to 400 Hz
  • The MagBIT shows strong potential to increase R.O.P in medium hard formations 


Construction drilling 

Mag Top Hammer

  • This technology offers similar attributes to "Sonic" technology, but drills hard rock, and requires minimal power to run.    

Mineral exploration


  • We are currently testing several small diameter MagHAMMER's (<4") in a variety of formations (soft and hard). They are compatible with all drilling fluids and the results look promising.  

Drill bits

  • We have begun testing a proprietary line of drill bits, which to date have shown strong R.O.P in a wide variety of conditions ranging from hard rock to clay and are proving to be very robust.     


We are proud to have become an Affiliate Member of the Australian based DETCRC research organisation. www.detcrc.com.audet