We have a number of products currently undergoing pre commercialization field testing for the Oil and Gas, and Construction Industries, however due to client confidentiality we are not at liberty to disclose these.


The MagHAMMER follows on from successful deep hole field tests that we have carried out for the Oil and Gas industry. It is a 20140312 094756unique Magnetic - DTH (Down The Hole) hammer, compatible with any rotary rig and designed to drill open holes in virtually any formation, hard or soft.

It can operate with any drilling fluid (including viscous bentonite solutions) so will be ideal for overburden, often without the need for casings. This system is not affected by ground water, so flooded formations are not a problem.

To date we have designed and tested a range of hammers form 2-7/8" to 7", with larger hammers on the drawing board, this photo is of a 4-1/4" hammer with a proprietary 5" bit.          

In addition we are currently testing several technologies that are showing significant potential to make mineral exploration cheaper, faster, and safer.                      













                       We are focused on developing products that are Faster, Safer, Cheaper and Greener.